Coca Leaf was a collaborative birthed in the hot Florida swamp years ago. It was mistakenly tossed into the garbage heap, left to simmer and rot, and has finally been scooped up with wings outspread, emerging anew from the shitfire into a reincarnated binge in the Big City. Deep Marble Sunrise was sculpted from a series of brain-fried sessions in NYC taking place over some hot summer days at Figure 8 Studios.

The manic ramping-up and the inevitable come-down intertwine here. The party and the empty vacuum that follows. For this LP, the group is comprised of multi-instrumentalists ZZ Ramirez (Destruction Unit, Ukiah Drag, etc), David Vassalotti & Carson Cox (Merchandise, etc), and Ben Greenberg (Uniform, etc). The cuts follow their impulses freely, coming up with a strange combination of hard funk, jazz, noise, no-wave, free improvisation, and dub.

For fans of Dad’s Brown on Brown, the great Neon Blud or any of the band members’ other groups, this is sure to be a summer favorite and soundtrack to all-night parties everywhere.


Coca Leaf - Deep Marble Sunrise
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